Spiritual Stars of
the Golden Age

A cornucupia of human experience of the Divine.

Mahatama Gandhi

Education must equip man to live happily without making others unhappy, to evaluate things, pleasures and possessions correctly. One who is ignorant of the historical and cultural heritage of his country is like an orphan. For saplings to grow, soil is essential; for the ideals to get implanted, knowledge of the struggles and successes of the Saints and Sages is essential.

This website is dedicated to the Spiritual Stars of the Golden Age. Here you will find many founders of religions, mystics, monks, saints, spiritual teachers, and heroes and anti-heroes from the many different religions From continent to continent, from kingdom to dynasty, from desert sands to medieval walled castle-towns, man has continually sought his or her Maker, and rendered fascinating accounts of the marvelous cornucopia of divine experience.

Guru Nanak

Spiritual Stars of the Golden will attempt to show the times that divine lived in, the person under study, the life of holiness, the teaching and the contribution to humanity at large via the legacy this divine left behind. These stars come from all the major religions of humanity, and many are not even adherents of a religious system, but rather, trailblazers and founders of new systems, trailblazers who often paid the highest price for their integrity and fidelity to their teachings and divine experience.

These are persons who discovered their light, shared it and showed that light. Their lives and teaching pointed to that experience of the ineffable, and they aided others on the journey toward that ineffable goal of all human longing, love that loves the seeker for his or her own sake. Much discipline was required, and discipline is needed to manage the mind, create the environment and habit often lays the foundation for the lonely journey up the mountain of divinity. Discipline requires the excavation of Truth, a truth which is frequenly known within as the encounter between the known and the knower.

Ramana Maharishi

The Golden Age

The 'Golden Age' is now. The fruit of the works of these spiritual stars has created an environment which has enabled, in the depths of the Iron Age and rampant materialism, for Spirituality and devotion to flourish. The faith systems, whilst recording declining adherents in the west, is stronger than before as it encourages the seeker toward a personal relationship with the Divine. Hinduism, Buddhism, and often Tibetan Buddhism, are having a major impact on humanity at large as the peoples of the West and Europe learn to embody the spiritual values of peace, love, non violence, right conduct and truth. These values are rapidly coming to the fore in commerce, government, education and in the home, as the millions of unnumbered adherents of so many faiths and outside those so many faiths (one can think of the New Age movement in the US) live with character and integrity and practise their devotion with love that is shared with their family, their neighbour, and seek the welfare of all peoples.

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